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There are four lakes in the region that was formerly Lancashire North of the Sands, each of very different character.

LAKE WINDERMERE - The west shore of Lake Windermere was the boundary for the old county of Lancashire and is much more unspoiled than the east and north sides. The two smaller islands on the left go by the rather attractive name of "Lilies of the Valley" while the larger Belle Island is well-known for its famous mansion.
PEEL ISLAND, CONISTON WATER - Seen here from the quaintly named High Near Peel shore given to the National Trust in the 1930's, this island has a superb natural "harbour" on the left which was alledgedly the model for the one on Wild Cat Island, the fictional island featured in Arthur Ransom's "Swallows and Amazons". Visit early in the day for reflections like this!
CONISTON WATER LOOKING NORTH EAST - A popular lay-by on the west side of the lake at the southern end affords good views of the Fairfield Horseshoe. Peel Island (of Swallows and Amazons fame) is just visible on the right.
SUNNY BANK JETTY, CONISTON WATER - In October 2008 heavy rain caused the lake to rise several feet, wrecking the jetty used by the Coniston launches. Fortunately the last section is made to rise and fall with the height of the water in the lake and was soon replaced into its guides.

WATER PARK JETTY, CONISTON WATER - The Gondola doesn't venture this far south on the lake. To visit here stop at the first car park north of Nibthwaite and walk back down the road or take the Electric Launch from Coniston.

LAKE BANK, CONISTON WATER - A calm April morning - you can't always rely on the views but it's beautiful in all weathers.
The same spot on a calm October morning with the Silver Birches resplendent in an autumn cloth of gold.
FELL FOOT, WINDERMERE. This National Trust park is a favourite with families during the summer and a great place for "messing around in boats". Early in the morning it can be deserted and this often provides the best views.